We produce the best soluble coffee with the best flavor and body; the coffee for the most demanding

We also offer mixes of coffee with chicory or cereals, pure instant chicory and mixes of cereals without coffee.


It is obtained by evaporating water from concentrated Coffee Extract and spraying the concentrated coffee in a drying tower, thus getting the coffee particles.


It is obtained through a process in which the particles of spray are increased by powder wetting, improving solubility at the same time.


It is obtained by freezing Coffee Extract at very cold temperature, thus avoiding the loss of aromas and keeping attributes that are highly valued. The basic principle of freeze drying is the removal of water by sublimation.

Soluble or Instant Coffee is a beverage derived from coffee beans. It can be either Freeze-Dried or Spray Dried (Powder or Granulated).

Packaged instant coffee is a stable product that maintains its quality for many months because it is protected from oxidation processes.

It is very easy to prepare, convenient, fast and clean, you just need to add hot water or milk and there is no need for filters or high pressure machines.